In preparation for The Global Action Week – Stand up for Education Action plans in the directorates of Education to implement the big dream activities (Education to 2030 in the eyes of children)

The Ministry of Education & Higher Education and the Palestinian Educational Coalition concluded a two-day workshop attended by the heads of departments of the student activities and planning in17 directorates of education in the West Bank , aimed at developing mechanisms to ensure the achievement of the SDG4 of education within the directorates of education, and implement activities in all schools in the West Bank within the framework of the Global Action Week under the theme of Accountability and Effective Participation of Citizens. Where children and young people in schools will draw their dreams of education in 2030.

The workshop was held in partnership between the Ministry of Education & Higher Education and the Palestinian Educational Coalition as part of the preparations for the activities of the Global Action Week, which runs from 23 to 29 April 2017. The workshop included a detailed presentation on the SDG4 and its indicators, in addition to the agenda of the education national policies and the strategic plan for the education sector. In addition to a presentation on the Global Action Week and the plan of the educational coalition.

Director General of the Department of Planning in the Ministry of Education –Mamoun Jaber, said that this workshop is of great importance because it combines two departments in all directorates of education, which contributes to the involvement of all educational cadres in the activities and sub-plans within the directorates in order to be consistent with the fourth goal of the SDGs and the Strategic Plan for the Education Sector.

Director of Students Activities at the Ministry of Education-Sadeq Alkhdour, emphasized the importance of the workshop as it comes at a time the directorates of education are busy preparing for a number of local and national events. And that the workshop, aimed to introduce the participants to the developmental goals, and not be limited to the activities of the Global Action Week, which has been planned by the directorates to implement it in all schools.

Moreover, Al-Khadour added that the directorates will have various activities, part of it at the school level and other central activities that all sectors of the community will participate in .The activities at the level of the one directorate will be focusing on the fourth developmental goal of education. Alongside to the accountability and discussion activity between Students and  decision-makers about their role in achieving the goals of education and realizing children's dreams of what they want education to be in 2030.

The representative of the Palestinian Educational Coalition, Ms.Intesar Hamdan, said that the workshop was held within the framework of activities led by the coalition in preparation for the implementation of the Global Action Week in Palestine, which focuses on accountability and participation of citizens and carries a slogan that defends education at the time of implementation. Ms. Hamdan indicated the importance of promoting the Sustainable Development goals in general and the fourth goal particularly, and engaging citizens in accountability and on ensuring the implementation of the fourth goal as part of the other 17 goals of SDGs. She also pointed out to focusing on the status of education, and to benefit from the political will to implement the SDG4 in Palestine. As well as pressure on donor countries to increase the funding to education.

At the end of the workshop, the participants prepared work plans for central events at the level of the directorates of education and all activities in all schools in the Global Action Week under the title of the big dream. Through which children and young people will send messages about their dreams that they want to see in Palestine in 2030.

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