Launching the Global Education Campaign under the slogan

Gaza - The Education Coalition, represented by Teacher Creativity Center in Gaza, launched the activities of the Global Campaign for Education, which is dedicated this year to put Education at the top priority more than any other sectors.

The event, with the participation of a large number of NGOs, began with a series of activities within its headquarters and public  schools to reflect the goal of the Global Campaign for Education "Defending Education" in the Gaza Strip from  23-29 April 2017, which aims to ensure a fair and inclusive education for all and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Teacher Creativity Center team carried out a number of visits to a number of institutions of the Palestinian Education Coalition and the civil institutions that support the education sector. In solidarity with the objectives advocated by the campaign  in order to mobilize and advocate for various activities, which was welcomed by all institutions.

Majdoleen El Telbani, coordinator of Global Campaign for Education in Gaza,  explained that  the objectives of this year's campaign are to develop, fund and implement credible plans for the implementation of the fourth sustainable development goal (SDD4) agenda and to recognize the importance of strengthening public systems and state capacities. As a result, this will ensure that education is free, fair and equitable.  As part of the campaign objectives was to ensure credible and transparent mechanisms for civil society participation in monitoring and accountability on the agenda, highlighting public education and the central role of governments,  and challenging increasing privatization, establishing credible plans for universal public education.  All of these components are  at the heart of the fourth goal of education sustainable development. She added that one of the objectives also is a call for a broad concept of quality, and the cessation and reversal of increasing trends of quality concepts that are equal to achievements in terms of standardized tests, especially on reading, writing and sports; along with the demand to provide qualified teachers and ensure their empowerment; and the recruitment of well - trained, good and effective possibilities for better education.

Teacher Creativity Center continues to implement the activities and events  of the campaign for the third day in a row by carrying out visits and covering the activities of the Global Campaign for Education 2017 in several participating institutions including Al-Atta Charitable Society, Tamouh Skills Development, Al Karama Complex, Ajyal for Creativity and Development, Red Crescent society , Palestine Pioneers Association, Prince Nayef Bin Abdulaziz Library, UNESCO, Maghazi Cultural Center, Tawasir Association for Youth and Culture, etc.

The Global Campaign for Education is held annually for a week and is launched between Gaza and the West Bank at the same time. It is implemented in 120 countries with the same slogan: Jordan, Egypt, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Morocco, Tunisia, Iraq and Lebanon.

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