The Decision of the Belgian Government towards the Funding of building a School in Hebron touches the dignity and rights of Palestinians

The Decision of the Belgian Government towards the Funding of building a School in Hebron touches the dignity and rights of Palestinians


The Palestinian Education Coalition (PEC) received with deep regret the decision of the Belgian Government regarding the Martyr Dalal Mughraby School in Beit Awaa village, Hebron District, as it contradicts with the customs followed in respecting the specificity and culture of the Palestinian people, touches the dignity of the Palestinian, and reflects the extent the dominance of occupation authorities has reached even on the international organizations that provide support to the Palestinian people.

PEC, while it follows the serious turns that started to throw its shadow on funding directions to Palestinian people and its attempt to impose approaches that is not related to adequate professional conditions for monitoring funding, and at the time we appreciate the support coming from the Belgian Government and people to the Palestinian Cause in general, as well as its continuous support for development in different aspects in Palestine, the Coalition calls the Belgian Government and its people who are dear friends to Palestinian people to reconsider this decision that is understood by the Palestinian citizen as an underestimation of their history and their march towards liberation from occupation.

PEC asserts the difference between the right of funding organizations to ensure delivery of their funding to Palestinian people and its use according to the signed agreements between the Palestinian side and the funding organizations based on a great level of transparency, and between the deviation to other paths not related to monitoring and transparency principles, which touches cultural national component and undervalues the respect of donors to the specificity of the people that they support.

PEC expresses his deep concern towards the continuity of several international organizations’ submission to the power and blackmailing influence of Israeli media, through which the Occupation state attempts to represent the Palestinian National struggle march as a terrorist act, while ignoring the crimes and massacres the Israeli occupation and its leaders committed against Palestinian people over the decades of continuous occupation. 

PEC sees that the Belgian Government unfortunate decisions towards freezing the funding of building two schools, under the pretext that one of the schools that was funded by their Government was named after the Palestinian martyr Dalal Moghraby, goes under the submission to the Israeli blackmailing and the one -sided view of what is described as “Terrorism”, while ignoring the implementation of any practical procedures (mechanisms) towards what Israeli Occupation imposes of discriminatory and terrorist policies against Palestinian people in different fields, and without paying attention that the continuity of occupation in itself represents the worst type of terrorism that cannot be completely compared to naming a school whatever their opinion of this name and what it implies, this also includes ignoring many of the Israeli sites that carry names of people who committed massacres against the Palestinians during their long journey of resisting occupation and seeking national liberation.

Thus, PEC call for an open and constructive dialogue between donors, and particularly Belgian friends, that contributes to neutralizing the procedures that directly touches the student and Palestinian citizen who always falls as victim to all interactions and decisions.

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