Building upon the workshops organized with Teacher Creativity Center The Ministry of Education and The Palestinian Education Coalition agree to review the Palestinian curriculum

Building on the efforts and meetings between the Ministry of Higher Education and Teacher Creativity Center to review the new Palestinian curriculum, PEC and The Ministry of Education have agreed to expand the circle of participants in reviewing the curriculum. It is expected that a group of meetings will be conducted in various areas and will include the participation of teachers, institutions, organizations, universities, unions and associations.

Mr. Tharwat Zaid, head of the Curriculum Center, confirmed that the review comes in the light of reconsidering issues related to human rights, citizenship and gender, as well as issues related to national and religious aspects beside academic and educational ones, while stressing that the Ministry will be ready to modify any aspect that collides with the Declaration of Independency Document, the Palestinian Basic Law and the system of values upon which the Palestinian people have agreed through accepting diversity and pluralism on the basis of unity.

Moreover, he clarified that the curricula have taken into consideration those aspects, and they will work on promoting and enriching such aspects in a way that enables the students to accept critical thought, and that fosters decent values and morals within them. As he stated, this stems from the desire of raising a generation that is able to hold the banner and manage the journey of liberation that is expected from the curricula, in a way that preserves cultural heritage and plays a vital role in the process of development and liberation.

For his part, Mr. Refaat Sabah, Chairperson of the Palestinian Education Coalition, indicated that there are many issues within the curricula that are unclear, disagreed upon due to their ambiguity and in need of clarification, along with other issues that need to be canceled or modified. He asserted that the workshops will take place in all areas, as it will involve teachers, journalists, parents and students, as well as the members of the coalition, in addition to inviting experts in the evaluation of the curricula and academics from universities and associations.

It is worth mentioning that Al-Quds Open University and Al-Najah University expressed their readiness to join those workshops and support working in this field, as well as offering the necessary expertise related to it,  provided that Al Quds Open University actively works on ensuring the achievement of the fourth goal related to education, and is currently working with PEC and Teacher Creativity Center on organizing a national conference that deals with this issue.

It is also noteworthy that the outputs of the discussion concerning the curriculum will be presented as a document to the Ministry of Education in order to make the necessary changes. 

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