The Closing of the Journalists Course, Beginning of the Global Action Week for Education Tomorrow

Ramallah, The Palestinian Collation in partnership with the Ministry of Higher Education have ended a workshop for Journalist on Tuesday in Ramallah. The workshop aimed at reinforcing the media role in educational issues during the Global Action Week for Education.

Amal Juma’a, member of the coordinating committee in the Palestinian Collation, said that this course is considered as one of the activities that we do to prepare for the many events we are planning to implement during the Global Action Week for Education in Palestine. The events are taking place in Palestine and  another 120 States in the world and heading to start by a  press conference tomorrow, Wednesday, in Ramallah.

The press conference is being held tomorrow  at 11:30 a.m. in the conference governmental room in partnership with UNESCO field office in Palestine and The Ministry of Higher Education. The campaign mainly focuses on ensuring the accountability to achieve the fourth sustainable development objection in education and the effective civil society participation in the campaign holding the slogan “Defending Education … Time to Act”

Jum’aa added that Dr. Sabri Saidum the Minister of High Education,  Dr. Lodofico Follen Cllabi the UNESCO field office director in Palestine, Mohanned Baides the educational program director in UNRWA, and Mageda Al Masri representative of the Palestinian Collation are speaking the conference tomorrow.

During the conference (SDD 4)  the fourth objective of sustainable development is going to be presented  along with some challenges and facts that education is facing. Moreover, the objectives of the campaign are going to be presented and how we can achieve the goals of education.

It is worth mentioning that the Global Action Week 2017 is being held from the beginning of 23 April to 29 April 2017  happening together with 120 States participating in the campaign all over the world.

It is worth noting that the Palestinian Education Coalition is leading the Global Action Week  in Palestine this year, with many events, especially the Big Dream events in UNRWA and  public schools, focusing on Palestinian children and youth expressing their dreams and aspirations for what they want by 2030

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