Stand up for Education … Support the Palestinian Prisoners for their open hunger strike … Time to deliver

The Global Education Week this year launching their activities, which carries a slogan  of Stand up for education.. Time to deliver, coincides with the start of the Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli occupation prisons with an open hunger strike on April 17, the day of the Palestinian prisoner, a day that the Palestinians celebrate each year in support of Palestinian prisoners and affirm their right to freedom.


The prisoners launched their strike following the intransigence of the Israeli prison administration when they rejected their demands, as they raised the slogan Dignity in their strike as a message to them of the most important demands of the strike, which is the restoration of many of their right which were salvaged previously through fighting against injustice of the Israeli authorities.


The Palestinian Education Coalition supports all prisoners' demands and calls on all human rights and educational institutions to support Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. They called on fulfilling all of their demands as they had an open hunger strike in order to achieve them. One of the right of prisoners is to complete their secondary and university education because Israeli authorities has deprived the prisoners this right.


The Palestinian Education Coalition calls on all international bodies and the Global Campaign for Education to raise the demands of Palestinian prisoners and defend their right of education and to protect the right of the child prisoners to be educated, which they have been deprived of because of their imprisonment. The number of Palestinian children deprived of their right to continue their education  300 children, including 13 girls, are inside Israeli jails.



The number of Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli jails, which in 2017 numbered 6,500, including 57 women, including 13 girls under the age of 18, and the number of child prisoners 300 children under the age of 18. Among the prisoners are 20 prisoners suffering from chronic diseases, Ramle prison which is considered a hospital, and the number of prisoners who are not facing a trial as they were administratively  detained is 500 prisoners. Prisoners suffer from inhumane conditions and gross violations that violate all international norms and conventions. These practices and violations affect also children  who should be protected  by international conventions which ensure to protect their physical, psychological and educational rights. These international conventions and laws need also to keep contact with the prisoner’s families and  continue to raise questions about directing their lives and treating them as children and not as terrorists, as dealt with by the prison administration.


The Palestinian Education Coalition stresses that most of the prisoners' demands are considered the minimum of the rights recognized by the international conventions and conventions in dealing with prisoners in prisons, including health care, visits without delay or deprivation, especially first degree relatives,  as the occupation prevents them from visiting their children inside prison, .In addition to this, there is a need to respond to the demands and needs of Palestinian prisoners, whether concerning special transport (when they are transferred to the courts or from prison to another)  or when meeting their family without a barrier to split them. Moreover, demands on their right for education, which focus on their right to join universities, and their right to submit the high school exam (Tawjihi) is also an intrinsic part of the demands.


At the same time, the Palestinian Education Coalition calls on everyone, especially international institutions, to defend education in Palestine. It also calls for defending the right of Palestinian prisoners to having dignity and their right to  have the proper education, which is in line with the Fourth of the Sustainable development Goals (SDG4). Furthermore, it calls on  health and well-being for prisoners which is included in the Third Sustainable Development Goal, and their right to have  justice and equality within the tenth Sustainable development Goal  of reducing inequalities. The Palestinian Education Coalition stresses that the collective and desired prisoner strike is a legitimate right guaranteed by all international conventions.

The Palestinian Education Coalition appeals to all local and international human rights organizations to exert their role in exerting pressure on the occupying state to meet the demands of the prisoners and shorten the duration of their strike.



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April, 2017 

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