Preparing for Global Action Week The Palestinian Educational Coalition and Al Ahli team supporting budgets transparency, organize workshop about the effectiveness of education budget in the strategic plans 2011-2017

Palestinian Educational Coalition held in partnership with Al Ahli team  supporting  budgets transparency a workshop on the budget of education in Palestine and its responsive attitude on the strategic plan for the education sector 2017-2022 on Tuesday, 28/3/2017. 28 participants have participated in the workshop of which are some of the representatives of the member institutions of civil society along with the Palestinian Educational Coalition and the Al Ahli team. The workshop focused on presenting the themes of the Strategic Plan for Education 2017-2022 and presenting the fourth goal within the objectives of the sustainable development of education and its indicators, as well as a presentation on the seven educational programs in the plan of the Ministry of Education Endodontic education and the agenda of national policies on development goals and priorities of education in them. Besides , the workshop included some presentations on comparative analysis of the budgets of the Ministry of Education, 2013-2016, and an analysis of the terms of the estimated budget 2017 for education and budgets adopted in the strategic plan and funding gaps and comparing them with reality.

At the end of the workshop, an in-depth discussion was held by the participants about the priorities of the intervention of the Palestinian Educational Coalition, the Al-Ahly team and the accountability tools for the government to ensure that the fourth goal of education is achieved within the goals of sustainable development.

Participants in the workshop concluded a  set of recommendations, the most important of is the formation of sub-working groups within the Palestinian Educational Coalition to follow up with a priority for the coalition of specific issues like: early childhood, the right of people with disabilities to be educated , vocational education, school and community violence against children, access to education, governance and transparency,  and education in Jerusalem.)  The process goes through  the follow-up of the effectiveness of deploying  the goals and objectives of the strategic plan, the targets adopted, and setting reports about the stands of participants towards these topics and issues.  As well as, the participants concluded  a recommendation on the need for the preparation of scientific studies and investigations survey about one of the important and the first priority issues like: curriculum, violence, violations of the occupation issues satisfaction of the career of teachers . These issues are to be discussed  through two complementary axes:  decision-makers through the various committees and the local community and its institutions. Thus, we will be able to create a public opinion and supportive of these issues. Participants also recommended the need to work on the follow-up to the different education indicators, and the achievement of targets and Developed accountability tools for the implementation of the requirements of the fourth objective of sustainable development goals 2030.

This is in addition, participants stressed on the need to launch campaigns of pressure and advocacy to raise the budget of the education sector to ensure the achievement of the objectives of the strategic plan, and the fourth goal of sustainable development, and work on mechanisms to monitor the development expenditures of the Ministry of Education, and spending priorities.

Participants also recommended the need to monitor government spending on education and the effect  which budgets are allocated through a monthly, quarterly and annual follow-up mechanism for budgets allocated to education, disbursements and exchange rates.

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