Teacher Creativity Center and Library of Prince Nayef are carrying out a meeting talk show in the Week of the Global Campaign for Education 2017

The Teacher Creativity Center, in partnership with The Library of Prince Naif bin Abdul Aziz, held a dialogue on "raising awareness and accountability for the achievement of the fourth sustainable development goal of education and the participation of active citizens in Palestine" at the library in Gaza.

This meeting was part of the week of the global campaign for education implemented by the Palestinian Educational Coalition represented by the Teacher Creativity Center from 23-29 April 2017.

The meeting was attended by Director of the Education Unit at UNESCO Mr. Raj, and a legal adviser, Karim Nashwan. It was attended also  by the  Coordinator of the Global Campaign for Education at the Teacher’s Creativity Center, Ms. Majdoleen Telbani,  and the Director of the Library of Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz, Mr. Ihab El Helow .

Mr. Ihab El Helou started the session welcoming the audience and introducing the Library of Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz and its educational as the library was thanked for their participation in the activities of the Global Week of the  Campaign for Education under the slogan "Defending Education Time to Act.” The campaign is organized by the Palestinian educational coalition represented  Teacher’s Creativity Center from 23- 29 April of the year 2017 in parallel with 120 countries. The campaign is about the accountability for sustainable development goals (SDG4) 4 and citizen participation which aims at ensuring qualitative  comprehensive equitable  education for all and enhancing learning opportunities for life for all. gHe emphasized that it is necessary to keep the status of education on top priority. As well as, he stressed on the role of the Palestinian Educational Coalition, which represents a group of civil society institutions seeking to influence policies related to the educational system and community culture, to contribute to building a critical learning society and to prepare a Palestinian human being aware of his social, national and humanitarian rights and duties. Thus, we will be able to implement  several activities aimed at schools, educational centers and institutions of higher education, calling for accountability for the objectives of sustainable development and enhancing the role and participation of civil society and citizens in the policy of Knowing.

Mr. Tab Raj pointed to the role of UNESCO in relation to the fourth goal of sustainable development and encouraged Member States to the global campaign of education to raise their voices to pressure towards activating and achieving the goals of sustainable development, expressing his deep belief in the ability of civil society institutions to achieve this campaign despite the great challenges facing them. He believed on the role of these institutions depending on the massive experience gained by those institutions and their efforts to inform the government of the importance of ensuring that qualitative  education is a must to be  provided to schools.

Mr. Raj explained that the Incheon Declaration has seven main objectives: four basic principles (inclusive, fair, high quality, lifelong ).

Legal Advisor Karem Nashwan referred to the international, regional and local agreements in support of education in Palestine, and stressed that education is essential for obtaining rights. If there is no education there will be a series of rights that we will not get.

In conclusion, discussion with the participants was initiated, stressing on  the need and importance of achieving the fourth goal of sustainable development, which will help to ensure a decent life and a better future for our children.

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