Workshop about social accountability of the education issues

Palestinian Education Coalition organized a workshop in Jaffa Cultural Center about social accountability and its role in the education issues, with the presence of a number of representatives of social institutions in Nablus city.

The chairman of the workshop was Shahir Badawi, the representative of Jaffa Cultural Center in the coalition; he started it by introducing the coalition, its objectives, its mission, and talking about the importance of social accountability, and the institutions role in achieving justice, and quality of education services in Palestine.

In his speech, Badawi talked about social accountability mechanisms and tools, in line with government obligations to achieve quality, inclusive, and free education for life under the fourth goal of the universally adopted sustainable development goals, he also reviewed global samples and experiences in social accountability, and its ability in achieving development in the society.

In her intervention during the workshop, Nadia Shehadeh the director of “Mothers” school in Nablus confirmed on the importance of holding such workshops, and reorganizes it, for the importance of accountability in our society; As for Jihad Ezat, the rapporteur of education committee in Palestinian Legislative Council, confirmed on the eligibility of institutions and Legislative Council in collectively monitoring and evaluation the performance of the government, especially the supervisors of education as the real rising to any society.

The social activist in Nablus, Aziza Al-Safi, talked about the importance of monitoring on the quality of education, and developing teachers’ capacities; the social activist, Hanan Khofash, talked about the importance of developing the education curriculums, and the educational Cadre, and adapts schools for people with disabilities. 

The workshop concluded with registering a number of recommendations by the participants, who called for raising the capacity and readiness of social institutions to participate and intervene in the government policies to be more just and fair, and issuing reports, publications, and information on education, and the need to introduce the public and raise their awareness of the rights associated with education in Palestine; the participants also recommended for the need to enhance the role of media in the process of social accountability through strengthen the partnership between media and social institutions to adopt educational issues through media.  

This workshop organized within the framework of Palestinian Education Coalition goals to expand the community work base and to develop the institutions capacities, and social activists to work effectively. 


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