The Palestinian Educational Coalition held a discussion session

on Sunday in Ramallah, regarding the media policies towards education in Palestine, with the participation of a group of journalists and employees in the media department of the Ministry of Education. The session concluded with recommending the ministry to set a clear media plan that fulfills the aims of development. Thaer Thabet, director of the media department of the Ministry of Education, and Dr. Khalil Nakhleh, a researcher that specializes in the field of education, were the main speakers in the discussion, which was facilitated by the journalist Ghazi Bani Odeh. The coordinator of the Coalition in Teacher Creativity Center, Amal Bargouthy, pointed out that the aim of the meeting is to gather the educators and media professionals in order to activate the role of media specialists in adopting media policies concerning education in Palestine. In his speech, Thaer Thabet asserted that there are efforts being put for the sake of diversification, through the making of a television program and upgrading the role of the school radio, as well as the focus on the writing of press stories and in-depth reports. He clarified that the Ministry of Education believes in partnership with media organizations, as it seeks to formulate a media policy that can achieve its objectives, so that the media of the ministry is not limited to public relations news or promoting the ministry. The participator in the discussion session, Isra’ Tawayha, said that this discussion has shed light on important issues such as the school radio, through the focus on the kind of message that it should deliver, as it should be the Ministry’s responsibility to follow up on its content. She added: “It was an efficient meeting that gathered the ministry and the media persons together and enabled them to open a direct discussion to reinforce communication between them as well as to strengthen collaborative work in the future,” the attendees affirmed the adoption of a media policy that gives birth to a creative program that can elevate education.


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